Knowledge Base CSR Readiness™ Glossary of Terms A - D

            Data Elements

            The different types of personal information processed by data processors. Typical data elements include name, date of birth and numerical identifiers. Organizational data elements tied to both individuals as well as organizations include business addresses, business phone numbers, business e-mail addresses and related information.

            (New York, Legal) The specific types of personal information that are particular identifiers. Multiple New York laws specify what data elements are to be included as applicable to a particular law. Typical data elements include social security number, driver's license number, non-driver identification card number, account number, credit or debit card number, security code, access code, mother’s maiden name, and more. Within a law, the data elements, when combined with other personal information, may be referred to with a specific name; for example, the New York Notification (of a data breach) law refers to this combination as “Private Information.”

            Updated: 09 Aug 2017 01:33 AM
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