I have a question about an order I placed in Readiness.

I have a question about an order I placed in Readiness.

Questions regarding customer orders or purchases are handled directly by our Orders Support Team.
Please direct your orders inquiry to the Orders Support Team by emailing orders@csrps.com.  You may be asked information that can be located on your order confirmation email.   

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    • Do I need to have cookies enabled to use Readiness?

      Cookies do need to be enabled in order to use Readiness.  Cookies allow Readiness to remember information about your preferences, preferred language, and progress within the Questionnaire and Remediation Task List. These features may not work as ...
    • Readiness

      Helps your business improve the way it handles personal information and will identify potential privacy or security deficiencies. It then provides a prioritized remediation schedule to fill the gaps in your privacy policies and practices.
    • Which browser should I use for Readiness?

      Readiness can be accessed using most web browsers such as Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.  It is recommended that users are using the latest version of their browser to ensure that all functions and features of Readiness work.  
    • Can I change the preferred language I selected when registering for Readiness?

      You can change your preferred language by selecting Account then My Information from the navigation bar on the left, then clicking on the "Manage your user profile" link.      
    • I don't know the answer to a question. Can I just skip it?

      You can skip questions and come back to them later.  However, you may want to ensure all questions are answered prior to submitting your questionnaire, as not answering a question will affect your score as well as suggested remediation tasks and ...